What is the important infrastructure we all need in life?

sewer line cleaning in Malaysia

In our world of civilization right now there is something called infrastructure and it is the basis of how we live. What I mean by that is it is the way of life. How everything is being built up and the basis of living standard. Infrastructure is a very important thing because without infrastructure there will not be a successful civilization. But then out of all the infrastructure which is the most important? That is the main question and we are here to answer that.

In all that we can see, it is the smallest and most not noticeable that is the most important of them all. And what that is is actually the sewage system. Yes, that smelly looked down part of the city that we don’t care about. Yet in a matter of fact that is one of the most important infrastructure in any city in the world, Here’s why.


Piping first of all is something very important, It is the only way to get wastewater in and out of the city. It is the only way for it to move around and from your septic tank at home to outside the city into the processing factory and more. It is the utmost important for sewer line cleaning in Malaysia to keep the city clean. It is important and it is a must. If not , we will be living in a very unhygienic and dirty place and we will not only not have a clean city to live in but also a lot of diseases and illnesses. 

Septic Tank

What septic tank is is actually a storage area at the bottom of your home and it is usually made from fibreglass, concrete or polythene. It is normally waited until a time where the solids have sunk to the bottom while the others like grease, sludge or oil come up to the top. There will also be a T shaped outlet that stops the sludge from flowing out from the tank. Sometimes screens can also be used to block it from overflowing. 

Drain Field

After the wastewater has gone out of the tank then it will go to the drain field and that is where the water will be treated by the soil and it is a process every time there is new water in the septic tank. if it gets overloaded, most of the time the waste water will just flow into the ground. so it is best that there is a backup or something of sort. 


From the field, the wastewater will enter the soil. This is a process for cleaning and treating the water by using soil. Inside the soil, there is something called Microbes and what that does is to help with digesting viruses, bacteria or harmful nutrients and hence cleaning and treating the water for us to safely use. 

sewer line cleaning in Malaysia

And here you have it! This is the process of the sewerage system and truly it is the most important system to keep the city as clean as possible by reducing the human waste and sending it out for treatment instead of being in the city and keeping us living in them safe. 

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