Internet Importance to Students

Today’s young people are said to be digital natives because they were born and raised during the 4.0 Revolution. Thus, young people are exposed to the development of information technology, especially the use of the Internet in daily life. As such, this group derives many benefits from the use of the Internet. However, their familiarity in this regard does not mean that they are immune from the negative effects of Internet use. This situation does not support the meaning that young people should be separated from the current of modernization as said by Sayyida Umar Al-Khattab, “Educate your children according to their age, because their age is very different from the age of parents”.

          The Internet is the largest international information network in the world that benefits all levels of education, economics, social, etc. including students. MCMC Internet User Survey 2016, those who are still in school spend the most time online, which is 20.9 hours a week. This facility allows students to exchange information and knowledge due to the existence of a ‘World Without Borders’. Clearly, the benefits of the Internet to students are like helping them find information. Students who surf the Internet can find a lot of additional up -to -date information to complete assignments given by teachers. A knowledgeable student will not be like a frog under a shell. If students have extensive knowledge and intellectual ability, our country will achieve progress on par with other countries such as Japan, Korea and the United States.

          As individuals who love to communicate, students can also add contacts to the ends of the earth. Social media has become an important field among students to get to know the culture and traditions of other races or countries. Through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, students can exchange information and opinions through contacts from social sites. This is because the benefit of the Internet to teenagers is that they can learn the customs of a nation from a different country. This coincides with the phrase ‘don’t know then don’t love’.

          In fact, students can forge closer friendships when surfing the Internet. The use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can also be used as a medium to find long -separated friends and reconnect with them as well as conclude dead friendships. In fact, students who live in boarding schools are able to connect with their families and do not use the distance of thousands of miles as an excuse to stretch an already strong relationship like stuff with nails. The development of this technology has become a bridge to strengthen family ties.

To Conclude 

   Ultimately, the Internet can bring benefits to consumers if used properly. However, the uncontrolled use of the Internet has a thousand and one negative implications. Therefore, parents are like the keys that control the use of the Internet. Parents should limit their time surfing the Internet. Computers should be placed in the family space to facilitate monitoring as well as install applications in an effort to restrict access to unhelpful websites. In fact, students also do not disclose personal information arbitrarily because the crime rate on the Internet has increased lately. Jom Apply Unifi offers the best WIFI and broadband solution.

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