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To find out more about this, we highly advise you to contact the chairman or your prospective neighbours. You should be concerned with whether there is a common TV antenna in the apartment building, who the potential internet service providers or cable TV providers are, and where the engineering networks are situated, among other things for Bandar Utama.

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Other features, like as a reception area and a communal children’s playground, are included in the price of new apartments. Learn about the functioning of these services, which may provide extra value, but can also result in unexpectedly increased expenses linked with the usage of the apartment if you are not familiar with how they work.

Make certain to inquire about the usage of communal spaces in the ara damansara condominium. Many apartment buildings include a carriage house or bicycle shed, and there are frequently attic spaces, chambers adjacent flats, gardens in front of apartment buildings, or other spaces for rent such as a workshop, dryer, or other storage areas.

Learn about the energy requirements of the building and its management.

Bandar Utama

At first sight, you will notice that the apartment building has a new front or that the windows are constructed of plastic. It can, without a doubt, provide information on the energy efficiency of a building, but insist on receiving it in writing. Today, the majority of apartment complexes have completed the energy labeling of the building; for more information on this topic, see our blog post Energy Performance Certificate of the Building: Updated Information, which provides additional information.

As a result, the energy label will inform you of how energy-efficient the flat will be while in use. The actual consumption should be recorded as well as possible. This should preferably include evidence of payments for advances and fees in favor of SVJ, as well as documentation of the most recent yearly invoicing for these services. It is only possible to observe in the prescription of advancements information on the amount of electricity, water, heat, and services used by each individual, which was estimated on the basis of a probabilistic calculation. A separate line should be included to indicate the number of people for whom the consumption is being computed. In any event, this is an approximate estimate of the amount of energy consumed. It is likely that a family with little children would reside in the flat and that the heating would be on all day, resulting in much greater consumption than a young couple who is at work all day and only uses their heating in the morning and evening.


In addition, you will discover information on the management (or the cooperative) as well as the actual payment of these mandated advances in the yearly statement. In addition, the owner of the flat should show the current indebtedness of the services linked with the unit to the court. Each accountant will typically prepare it, and in most cases, it will be free of charge.

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