kursus kejururawatan
kursus kejururawatan

Nursing is the third most searched career on kursus kejururawatan portal. You may be considering nursing as one of your options. If so, stay reading this first-hand information with which you can assess studying this career.

What qualities should you have to be a nurse?

Spirit of service. Nursing professionals are responsible for looking after patients: attending to their basic needs, ensuring the supply of their medications and constantly asking about their condition. He must be a person very committed to the well-being of the health of his patients.

Have a good memory. During the training process, you will have to take several theoretical courses in which memory is essential. An example of them is anatomy, where you must memorize names of each part of the body.

Socializing is simple. In the field of nursing, you will be in frequent touch with a variety of people, including doctors, patients, families of patients, and those in charge of the hospital’s internal services. As a result, it is vital that you enjoy socialising or that it is not difficult for you to do so.

Human pain and disease sensitivity. You’ll be dealing with folks who are similar to you. That is why you must consider human suffering and the psychological impact of diseases on people. This is something that every healthcare provider should be aware of.

kursus kejururawatan

Some reasons why deciding on this career will fill you with satisfaction and will provide you with great benefits for your future.

1. Collaborate with your growth as a person

In addition to all the theoretical and practical knowledge that you can obtain with this career, there is the personal side. The profession allows you to accompany different people in some critical moments in their life, something that will help you value more every day and motivate you to give your best.

2. It gives you great personal satisfaction

By following the entire recovery process of a patient, you can see how it develops thanks to the planning that you have done and the execution of the programmed actions. This gives you immense personal satisfaction, since you will be one of the great people responsible for its evolution. 

3. You can help the sick in the family

If a friend or family member gets sick, you can be there to help. Having someone with medical knowledge in the family is helpful in any situation, be it a passenger or a more serious one.

4. It gives you specialized training

In addition to the basic knowledge that this career provides you with about first aid, which will allow you to save lives in the least expected situations, the studies will give you complete training in the health field.

5. You can help others

As we mentioned at the beginning, the vocation of service to others is essential to choose this career. If you do, one of your main goals should be concern for those around you. In this way, knowing that you can help those around you in difficult times, such as those related to health and physical well-being, will give you  great gratification.

6. Offers you a closer relationship with patients

Unlike the doctor, your contact with the patient could be closer, as you will ensure their well-being and monitor their evolution at all times.

kursus kejururawatan

7. There is a great job offer

There is a wide job offer for the graduate in Nursing. For this reason, if you want to study a career that allows you to aspire to a large number of opportunities and a stable professional future, this academic option is ideal for you.

8. It allows you to have flexible hours

The nursing profession gives you the possibility of having flexible schedules, since its practice works in shifts; you can choose the ones that best suit your lifestyle. 

That said, you can take advantage of the afternoon, for example, to spend quality time with your family, something that few professions give you.

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