101: Guide To Use Vibrators

Vibrators are widely used as sex aids for women. Usually, this tool is used to provide stimulation to the clitoris when a woman masturbates. It can also be used with the aid of a partner.

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In addition, the vibrator can also be used in the area of ​​​​a woman’s breast, anus, or male penis. When used alone, this sex toy turns out to have health benefits. Vibrators are considered to be able to help people with disabilities who have difficulty having sex to masturbate.

Vibrators can also overcome sexual health problems such as erectile dysfunction and orgasm disorders due to certain medical conditions. For those of you who are using a vibrator for the first time, there are several ways you can do so that the vibrator is comfortable to wear and can provide the right sexual stimulation.

But beforehand, it is important to ensure the safety of using these sex aids in order to avoid the dangers of venereal or sexually transmitted diseases.

How to use a vibrator for yourself and here’s how to use the vibrator alone:

1. Set The Mood And Start Manually

Make sure you have privacy, space, and time. Prepare yourself in a comfortable space free from other people, technology, and other things that can interfere. If your mood gets better with a song, play a song. Also, turn on the dim lights. 

If the room and atmosphere are ready, now heat your body manually. That is, heat your sensitive zone with the touch of a finger. This is to make you re-recognize the points of your body, for example on the clitoris or breasts in women and the penis in men. Explore every corner of your body and determine which part feels best.

2. Do A Preliminary Test

Before you do it in a sensitive area, turn on the vibrator to adjust the speed of the vibration. Some vibrators have several levels of vibration, some have only one speed choice. If your vibrator has multiple speed options, try turning it on one at a time and letting it sit for a few seconds before increasing the speed.

You have to be careful, because the vibrator can also get hotter if it is turned on for a long time, like other battery-powered items. Familiarize yourself with the vibrations of this vibrator and familiarize yourself with the sound of the vibrator as well.

3. Recognize The Vibration To Any Body Parts Or Point You Want

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For the first time, try your vibrator at low speed towards your intimate organs. Whether it’s the inner thighs, vaginal lips, or the perineal area (between the base of the testicles and the anus) in men. If even at the lowest vibration you think it’s still too tight, try first by covering the part that hits the vibrator with a towel, or don’t press your vibrator.

The more you get used to it, of course you can take off the pedestal. You may also find later that in certain parts the vibrations are very slow, but in other parts the vibrations are just right, and so on.

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4. Feel The Vibration Enter The Sensitive Part

With the lowest speed setting, now start inserting the tip of the vibrator into the vagina or other area that the woman wants slowly. Do not press until you feel uncomfortable or lose control of holding the vibrator.

Try moving the vibrator in and out at the G-spot or clitoral location. Whereas in men, the perineal or anal area can be a hot spot. Take the time to stimulate all of your sensitive zones to build arousal and test which points and speeds work best. For more info on Secret Cherry vibrator malaysia go here.

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